About us


We pride ourselves in offering services that make the lives of landlords easier, and services that make the experiences of travellers memorable.

Not only will we manage your property, but we’ll optimize the entire rental process.

Managing your Airbnb from start to finish.

Managing your Airbnb from start to finish. Short and Suite BNB is your go-to for maximizing your rental income. We manage, market and maintain short-term rental properties from start to finish – whether you’re a homeowner with one unit to rent, a vacation rental owner, a city Airbnb host or even a developer.


Our Commitment to Responsible Hosting

Short and Suite BNB is committed to providing responsible hosting to all of our guests. We pride ourselves on this and we strive to educate the Airbnb community on safety and hospitality within the BNB space.

We believe that Airbnb should not only be a great experience, but a safe one, and we are 100% committed to the comfort, privacy and security of our guests and landlords.


Short and Suite was founded by Genevieve Walton.

Gen saw a need for support in the short-term rental market and knew that Airbnb owners needed help managing their properties – and so, Short and Suite bnb was born.

Today, she is a community educator in responsible, proactive hosting.



Our Values



We believe in reliability and responsibility. We honour our commitments as a company. Being accountable means that we answer for our actions and for those of our team. We’re focused on finding solutions and achieving results.



We believe strong communities are the foundations for change, and we make our decisions with the best interest of our neighbours in mind. We strive to help improve our communities by giving back and participating in events. We also value our partnerships with local businesses.



We believe in leading with integrity. We’re passionate about Airbnb education and strive to be innovative leaders in the space. Short and Suite BNB works to educate the landlords and the public on Airbnb security, legislation and strategies through various platforms.