Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you own all of the Airbnbs you manage?
No. Short and Suite does not own Airbnb properties. We work with existing Airbnb owners to help them manage their properties.
What is an Airbnb Property Manager?
An Airbnb host may feel overwhelmed – whether it is due to a lack or time, knowledge or experience. They may not have time to visit their property, they may need help marketing, or they may have security concerns.

That’s where we come in. An Airbnb property manager will help hosts with everyday operations as well as improving the performance of their property to ensure everything runs smoothly.
Why should I hire an Airbnb property manager?
There are many benefits to hiring an Airbnb property manager. As Airbnb Experts we’re able to identify risks and find solutions that the average host may not see. We work to keep your property secure, clean and profitable.
Why are so many people becoming Airbnb hosts?
There are many reasons for this. For one, the platform has risen in popularity and short term rentals are in high demand. Also, as housing costs have risen over the last five years and continue to rise, Airbnb hosting has become a solution for many to help meet high mortgage costs.
Will you handle my listing?
Yes, we can publish and write your Airbnb listing for you. We are experienced in rental marketing and offer listing management and marketing.
Will you clean my rental property?
Yes. We have a dedicated team of cleaners that work hard to keep your Airbnb spotless and are committed to keeping all of the properties we manage clean on the inside and out.