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Don’t worry – we’ve got this.

Do you ever wish running your Airbnb was a little simpler? Less time-consuming? We’ll manage your Airbnb from start to finish, all while helping you maximize your profits. Here’s what we do:


Ensuring the security of Airbnb hosts, their guests, and their neighbours is our highest priority. We have nightly security check-ins and install exterior cameras to ensure the safety of all parties at all times.

Guest Screening

Improper screening can lead to problem guests and damages to your property. Leave it to the experts to screen your Airbnb guests and ensure a safe and pleasant experience for everyone.

Smooth Check-ins & Key Handover

Check-ins are stressful, we get it. We take check-ins and key exchange off your hands. Rest easy knowing your guests can check in with ease.

Guest Communication

We’ll handle the communication with your guests – making sure they’re well accommodated, and taking good care of your property.

Property Inspections

Keeping your property safe is our highest priority. Unlike the traditional rental model, through Short and Suite BNB, your property is inspected weekly – if not daily.


Have friends or family coming from out of town? Not a problem! We can block off those days so your loved ones can stay at your property. Hosting provides you with the flexibility to decide when and how often you would like to host.

Listing Management & Marketing

We create stand out listings not only on Airbnb, but also promote your space on social media and rental sites to increase exposure and maximize bookings.


Our professional cleaners will make sure your place is kept spotless.

Why outsource Airbnb property management?

  • Freedom. When you outsource your Airbnb management, you don’t need to be tied down to one location. We check-in on our properties daily and monitor our outdoor security cameras. Whether you’re away on business or relaxing on a beach, you can trust that your vacation rental property is in good hands.
  • Security. As Airbnb experts, we know how to keep your property secure. We’re committed to ensuring a safe and clean environment for you, your guests, and your neighbours.
  • Maximize profits. Our property management service is a great way to increase your rental income. We optimize your Airbnb experience from the moment a listing goes up to the moment a guest checks-out. It’s how we’ve achieved our high ratings and Superhost status.
  • We do the dirty work. Earning passive income? Sweet. Cleaning toilets? Yeah, we know you’d rather be doing something else. That’s why we handle the cleaning for you.
  • Gain time! If your Airbnb is starting to cut into your time and profits, outsourcing Airbnb management is right for you.
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