Short and Suite BNB is a female-run business that manages Airbnbs for individual property owners. Responsible hosting is the foundation of our business – taking into account the wellbeing of our hosts, guests and communities.

We support fair regulation of short-term rentals in the City of Ottawa and feel that the recommendations made by Maclaren Municipal Consulting in their final report back in September best represented the interests of all stakeholders.

However, the City staff recommendations made on November 5th are concerning. From our research, cities who have implemented such a heavy handed approach have
not been successful and compliance is difficult. It’s important to have all stakeholders on board for successful implementation. These regulations will negatively impact hosts,
small business owners, employees, tourists, and business travellers.

The recommendations that will be the biggest issues are the restriction of short term rentals to primary residences and the zoning amendments.

To restrict short-term rentals to primary residences means that they will be less accessible for certain groups. Less accessible to people who do not feel comfortable
staying in someone’s spare bedroom or private home, or who need special accommodations. This will have a negative impact on Ottawa tourism, but also individuals needing temporary accommodations. It is evident the need for short-term rentals goes beyond tourists. A majority of our stays are occupied by families from Ottawa renovating their home, visiting loved ones in the hospital and those effected by crisis situations (such as floods, fires and the tornadoes back in 2018).

We believe that we can offer a valuable perspective and are optimistic about future healthy discussions with the City of Ottawa around fair regulations.

Short-term rental landlords in Ottawa have come together to create a coalition that shares ideas on the proposed regulations. We have also started a campaign called Let’s Share Ottawa and an online petition to bring awareness to these proposed regulations. A group of Hosts will be speaking at the Special Meeting of CPSC on November 15th.